Braided Jewel Loom Necklace

Hello, everyone! Darsie here, and I have a pretty braided necklace to share. I just love working with glass pearls and the Jewel Loom™ and wanted to do a monochromatic piece for you. The pretty pendant was on clearance, and I knew instantly that it would be the focal point, yet not detract from the gorgeous woven braids. ~ Enjoy!
BraidedNecklaceaTo create the braids, start out by making 6 strands of woven pearls: 2 of black, 2 of grey and 2 of silver. To make each length, use three strands of Black Wildfire for the warp threads on the Jewel Loom™ to allow each row to have two pearls. Weave 58 rows and remove the length from the loom, then add a single pearl at both ends of each length. Next, cut 2 6 inch pieces of black wire and thread it through the single pearls of 1 black, grey and silver lengths. Holding tight to the wire, braid the three strands of woven pearls. Insert another length of black wire into the single pearls at the end of the braid to keep it’s form.

Thread each side of the wire with black crystal bicones, faceted rounds, spacers and small pearls. With round nose pliers, form a loop with the ends of the wire and attach the pendant. Repeat this process with the remaining lengths, which is the other side of the necklace. To finish it off, thread small pearls onto the ends of both braided pieces and add a rectangle clasp.




About Darsie Bruno

Darsie is a lifelong crafter, although she started stamping in 2004. She considers herself a cardmaker, but loves a good mixed media project! She describes her style as elegant, frilly and Victorian inspired. She spends her days as a papercrafting teacher, creating handmade crafts to sell, and is a member of multiple design teams. Her work has been published in many of the leading stamping magazines. Darsie lives in upstate New York and is a mom to three, Nessa, Lee, and Al, all adults now. She is encouraged and inspired by them, as well as her brother Scott and sister Robin, and the memories of her parents. In her spare time Darsie loves reading mystery and romance novels, watching old movies and relaxing by the lake. Visit her blog at

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  1. Holly November 2, 2013 1:11 PM #

    Absolutely stunning work Darsie! Way to think outside the box! Wow

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