Today I have a tiny Jewel Goddess purse to share! 

It may be a stretch of the imagination to think of the Jewel Goddess as a purse but that’s exactly what I used for the this cute purse!

Tiny Jewel Godess Purse

This tiny purse is made of felt cut with Spellbinders Jewel Goddess dies.   Felt generally cuts well especially wool felt.  I used synthetic felt for this purse.  I put all the pieces through the Grand Calibur machine twice to insure better cutting.  There were a few small areas that I finished cutting with a scissors.

purse parts 1

This photo shows the pieces that I used:  2 Jewel Goddess large from turquoise felt,  2 Jewel Goddess small from brown felt, flap trim, side reinforcement strips, 2 flowers.

The bodice side edges are cut off for the side pieces for the purse.  One is shown cut in the photo.  The 2 brown strips match the top edge of the side pieces. I used one of the side pieces as a pattern to freehand cut them.  To cut the flap trim, die cut the bodice of the large Jewel Goddess from brown felt.  Then align the small Jewel Goddess die on it and cut. Trim the ends as shown in the photo.

purse side

This photo shows the side gusset and handle placement.

purse flower

……….and here’s a close up of the flap with flower and bead dangles.

Just a little imagination with some sewing turns a felt Jewel Goddess into a tiny purse!  Perfect size for a credit card and a cell phone!

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How to assemble the purse:

  1. Fold over top edge of front piece to outside and stitch
  2. Stitch strip to top of each side piece
  3. Fold each side piece in half with right sides together. Stitch about 1/8″ from fold in curved area of goddess
  4. Align each side piece on front starting about 1/2″ from point. Sew along edges.
  5. Sew flap trim to right side of flap (bodice of Goddess)
  6. Sew back to side pieces
  7. Sew point together at bottom of purse
  8. Sew handle to each side
  9. fold 2″ piece of hemp braid in half. Glue to flap edge
  10. Glue flowers together in center. Glue to flap
  11. Sew button to flower from front with linen cord. Tie knot
  12. Thread beads onto cord ends.  Knot ends.  Apply small amount of craft glue to knots
  13. Optional: add magnet or Velcro closure

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  1. Darsie Bruno December 28, 2013 8:32 AM #

    this is so awesome, Judy!! Love love love it!

  2. Debbie Olson December 28, 2013 11:04 AM #

    So very clever and creative, Judy–love it!

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