Hello Jewel Loom™ fans!  Its Judy here with a leather and bead wrap bracelet that I created on the Jewel Loom.

Leather bead wrap bracelet

I’ve admired wrap bracelets like this for some time.  I never made one because it seemed like it would be hard to keep the leather straight while weaving the beads.   Then the idea to use the Jewel Loom came to me!   It was pretty easy to make this Leather Wrap Bracelet!

To figure the length for the leather, wrap a double strand loosely around wrist 3 times and add about 5-6ʺ.

Here’s how to make the bracelet:

Thread a button on the leather cord at halfway mark/fold of leather.   Tie a knot close to the button.

To put it on the Jewel Loom, hook the button end on one of the buttons on back of loom.

button end on loom

Pull the cords to the other end and wrap each end around the button and then around side buttons.   Use clothes pins to hold the leather ends.



The fun begins!!!

Thread about 6 feet of WildFire in beading needle. Using double strand, knot thread ends around leather near loom end.  Thread on bead, wrap thread around opposite leather and back through bead going under leather at other side.  Bring thread over top of leather, add another bead, wrap over leather, back through bead keeping thread under leather cord.  Repeat.

Add beads for about 2-3ʺ.  Loosen the leather cords and remove from loom.   Slide the beads towards the button.  It sounds easy but it takes a little wiggling back & forth to get them to move.  Pull on one leather cord while holding the beads with other hand.  Repeat with the other cord. Work back & forth until the beads are near the knot by the button.

bead start

Put it back on the loom as before.  Continue to add beads to the other end of loom.

bead length

Loosen the leather from the loom again. Place the button end on the Jewel Loom button at the opposite end so the beaded portion is on the back of the loom.  Again stretch the leather across the front of the loom and knot the ends around the bracelet button in back.

back side

Finish beading the bracelet.  Add more WildFire thread as needed.  Add Super Glue to the knots and weave ends through beads.  If necessary, the bracelet can be removed from the loom to add the last few beads.

Tie overhand knots in the leather ends allowing enough space between to slip over the button.

bracelet 2

  • A few tips:
  • Most likely the leather will stretch on the loom.  Put the wire holder in place when not working on the bracelet.  It may be helpful to leave it in if the leather is stretching too much.
  • Stagger the bead pattern so that when it’s wrapped the same beads aren’t  next to each other.
  • Have fun with this!  There are myriads of color and bead combinations possible!

Happy beading!



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I love to create unique things from all kinds of media. I'm especially fond of paper crafting and working with craft metals. I'm currently in my 3rd year on the Spellbinders Design Team.

2 Responses to “Jewel Loom™ Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet!”

  1. Debbie Rogers May 31, 2014 2:26 PM #

    Thanks for the instructions on using the Jewel Loom to make wrap bracelets. I’ve been trying off and on for a couple of weeks to figure this out. Never thought of using clothespins. Love the bracelet.

  2. Allie July 8, 2014 3:45 PM #

    This is GREAT! I just got a Jewel Loom and was sorta like….. hmm…. I could’ve used square stitch for these designs… (I did know that when I bought it, it’s just, I had to have it anyway ;)
    But I’ve had wrap bracelets on my mind, and been a little daunted about setting them up, so what you’ve got here is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

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