Hello everyone, Darsie here, and I have a pretty Christmas Snowflake Ornament for you using the Jewel Loom™! That’s right, I created a formed ornament using wire with Ms. Julianna’s awesome Loom! With the Christmas Season upon us, a shimmering woven ornament hanging from your tree will be a delight to all! Find the tutorial below on how to use wire with the loom and create your own one-of-a-kind ornament for yourself or a loved one. ~ Merry Christmas!


To create the panels in the ornament, use six strands of White Wildfire for the warp threads on the Jewel Loom™ to allow each row to have 2 white 6/0 beads, 1 silver, and 2 more white. You’ll create 23 rows in this pattern (as shown below).


Using 22 gauge silver wire, insert the wire through one row, then go back through the next row, and continue in this manner until all rows are wired (as shown below). You’ll need to use flat nose pliers to pull the wire tight with each row, and I did a bit of tugging and the warp threads remained taut and intact. Once you have finished wiring your loomed panel, snip the wire close to the edge of the panel, cut the warp threads and tie them off. You’ll create 5 of these pieces.


With 24 gauge silver wire, thread the first row of each woven panel and bend the wire and secure. This will create the bottom portion of your ornament. Repeat this process for the top of the ornament. It will have the shape of a pentagon. Form the wired panels into a curve and shape your ornament. Add beaded wire between each panel (as shown in the Ornament photo) and attached at the top and finish it off. Add a wired hanger and a pretty silk bow!


To add the Crystal Snowflake in the center, I threaded a long piece of 24 gauge silver wire with beads and attached it to the top portion of the ornament and the snowflake at the bottom.



About Darsie Bruno

Darsie is a lifelong crafter, although she started stamping in 2004. She considers herself a cardmaker, but loves a good mixed media project! She describes her style as elegant, frilly and Victorian inspired. She spends her days as a papercrafting teacher, creating handmade crafts to sell, and is a member of multiple design teams. Her work has been published in many of the leading stamping magazines. Darsie lives in upstate New York and is a mom to three, Nessa, Lee, and Al, all adults now. She is encouraged and inspired by them, as well as her brother Scott and sister Robin, and the memories of her parents. In her spare time Darsie loves reading mystery and romance novels, watching old movies and relaxing by the lake. Visit her blog at http://craftingwithdarsie.blogspot.com

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